Pest Treatment

711 Pest Treatment Services – Emergency Pest Control Service

Spider & Ant Removal

Is your home infested by ants and spiders? Get immediate and effective pest treatment with our industry experts at 711 Pest Control. To offer a personalised treatment, we search all possible areas in your premises, such as the subfloor, garden, attic voids, eaves, etc to learn about the infestation size and the damage done. Our experts mainly employ environmentally-friendly pest control solutions and techniques, like baits, mild chemicals that are less toxic, etc, and remove all the traces of infestation right away.

Rodents, Rats, and Mice

Our specially devised tailor-fit mouse, rat, and rodent control treatment work in eliminating the pesky pests from your home and office on the very first day. Relying on the infestation status, we either opt for the bait stations and traps, or rodenticides. In some cases, we even employ the fumigation technique. Alongside removing the living pests from your premises, we also help in eradicating the dead carcass. To restrict future infestation chances and encourage hygiene inside your home, we disinfect your property and seal all-possible entrances.

Wasps and Bees

Since bees and wasps are important parts of nature and help in pollination, killing them is against nature. Collaborating with the beekeepers, we expertly handle the bee and wasp infestation, relocating the insects including their nests safely away from your home, without harming any single bee or wasp. Also, to prevent further infestation possibilities, we help seal all the cracks, holes, etc.

Silverfish, Carpet Beetle, Fleas, The Bed Bug, Moths, And Fly Removal

Are you lately noticing carpet beetles, silverfish, fleas, or flies hovering inside your premises? Then be quick to call us! Our pest control experts use less-toxic chemical solvents to spray on the infested areas. If needed we also opt for the fumigation technique. In case of moth infestation, we solely employ the moth foggers. Since we mainly use chemical techniques to exterminate these pests, you would need to vacate your premises till we accomplish the treatment.

German Cockroach Control

Our tailor-fit traps and baits work wonderfully in controlling a roach infestation. However, sometimes we need to use chemical solutions and insecticides. After that, we seal the entry points to prevent further infestation.

Possum Removal

The government strictly prohibits killing possums in Adelaide. We safely catch and release them outside your house and sometimes install a possum box on the exterior part of your premises to prevent them from creating a nuisance.