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Do you have bee problems? What to do if you have seen bee hives on your property? If you are wondering about finding solutions for reoccurring bee infestations on your property, then you must discuss this once with experts available at 711 Pest Control. We are the best company to offer Bee Hive And Bee Swarm Removal Services in all places of Adelaide. Our expert for Bee Removal Adelaide will provide complete cleanup of the infestation.

They will make your environment fully safe and protected from bees for you and your family by providing you with excellent and high-quality services. Consequently, with our experts at your service, you can be aware of the facts that can help you to live a life with less interruption from bees and hives.

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    Get Rid of Bee On Your Property Today – Expert Bee Removal Services in Adelaide

    Our professional team specializes in safe and effective Bee Removal solutions, call us now for ensuring a Bee-free environment for your peace of mind in Adelaide.

    Know About Bee Swarm and Its Population

    A bee swarm is a huge group of bees. This group forms when a colony divides and the queen bee departs the original hive with some of the worker bees. They leave the hive to start a new colony. Swarming is a natural process through which honeybee colonies breed and grow in number.

    The following are some important facts concerning bee swarms and their population:

    • A queen bee and a huge number of worker bees make up a swarm.
    • Swarms are often calm and intent on seeking a new habitat. Unless provoked or threatened, they are unlikely to sting.
    • You may notice that swarming is usually in the spring and early summer.
    • When a colony becomes blocked or the hive circumstances are unfavourable, swarming occurs and you may need to get an expert for bee removal.
    • Before swarming, worker bees will feed royal jelly to the current queen to generate new queen cells. These cells will eventually give birth to new queens.
    • They form a whirling bee cloud in the air, finally resting on a temporary spot while scout bees look for a suitable place for a new hive.
    • Scout bees communicate with one another and guide the swarm to a permanent position.
    • Depending on the size of the original colony, a bee swarm can contain thousands of bees.
    Signs of a Bee Infestation

    Signs of a Bee Infestation

    • Presence of bees flying around the property, especially near entrances and exits.
    • The sight of a swarm of bees near the property.
    • The appearance of honeycomb structures on or near the property, such as on trees or the exterior walls of buildings.
    • Presence of beeswax on the property, such as on windowsills or around cracks and crevices.
    • The audible buzzing sound came from within the walls or ceilings of the property.
    • The sight of dead bees around the property could indicate an established colony.
    • Presence of bee droppings or yellowish-brown stains on surfaces near the infestation.
    • The sight of honey or nectar on the property could attract more bees to the area.

    How Does Our Team Work For Bee Swarm Capture and Removal Services in Adelaide?

    Our Adelaide bee removal service is intended to manage bee swarms safely and effectively. If you come across a bee swarm on your property or in the area, send a picture of a bee swarm & call us as soon as possible for solutions.

    Our Team Works As Follows

    • Assessment: To determine the best procedure or action for bee elimination, our professional bee exterminators will examine the situation. During the capture and removal process, we prioritise the safety of both humans and bees.
    • Preparation: To properly manage the bee swarm, our expert bee controllers will assemble the essential equipment and protective clothing. We make sure that we have the necessary equipment to carefully collect and transfer the bees.
    • Catch: Our beekeepers will catch the swarm using specialised procedures that will not harm the bees. We use ways that reduce stress for the bees while also preventing any harm to your property.
    • Removal: After capturing the swarm, we gently move it into a specially prepared bee box or hive for removal. Our beekeepers are experienced with bees and will take all required procedures to avoid any potential escape of bees.
    • Relocation: The caught swarm will be transported to a more suitable place away from human habitation, such as a bee-friendly environment. This allows the bees to continue pollinating and producing honey in a safe environment.

    Following the capture and removal of the swarm, our local bee exterminators advise bee-proofing your home to reduce the repetition of bee swarms. Our staff is committed to ensuring the safe and compassionate removal of bee swarms and educating the public about the need for bee removal and protection.

    Free Bee and Wasp Removal Quotes: Know Bee Removal Costs in Adelaide

    We would be grateful if you could send lots of images of the bee swarm with us at 711 Pest Control. This allows us to properly assess its level and offer you an exact price even before we arrive at your place. Well, when bees swarm, they are normally gentle and unlikely to sting if you keep your distance. As a result, there’s no need to be concerned about going too close to them when photographing them. If the photographs satisfy our specifications, our Adelaide bee relocation services staff can quickly provide you with an estimate. And, we will also notify you of our availability.

    Usual Fees For Easy Bee Removal

    Our experienced service providers give a simple and cost-effective solution for local swarm capture and removal. We charge a minimal price that includes labour, supplies, transportation costs, insurance, and even arranging the appropriate paperwork. We make the procedure very simple with our Easy Bee Swarm Removal and it generally costs around $100 to $400.

    Complex Bee Swarm Removal

    It is only logical that more difficult swarm removal tasks are more expensive. The higher expense is due to factors like limited access, the need to make way for the swarm, more equipment needs, and removal time. Rest assured that our prices are reasonable and reflect the time and work necessary to complete each particular task. Our beekeeping services range in price from $200 to $900, depending on the complexity of the job.

    Free Bee and Wasp Removal

    Advice From Experts To Follow After Having Bee Extermination

    The main concern is what to do when you already have a bee removal service. You need to prevent future bee infestation. So, here are the tips for bee control in Adelaide.

    Seal access points

    Examine and seal any cracks or holes on the exterior of your home, especially around windows, doors, vents, and utility openings.

    Keep the yard clean

    Maintain a neat yard by trimming overgrown plants. Also, remove garbage properly to avoid possible honey bee nesting locations.

    Fix leakage

    Fix any plumbing leaks or leaky faucets, as honey bees are drawn to water sources.

    Avoid using bright colours and flowery scents

    Bright-colored exterior paints and highly smelled flowers might attract honey bees.

    Remove any bee-attracting products that are no longer in use

    Remove outdated beekeeping equipment, hive boxes, and other objects that may attract honey bees.

    Install screens and mesh

    To keep honey bees out of your home, install screens or fine mesh on windows, vents, and chimneys.

    Get Rid of Bee On Your Property Today – Expert Bee Removal Services in Adelaide

    Our professional team specializes in safe and effective Bee Removal solutions, call us now for ensuring a Bee-free environment for your peace of mind in Adelaide.

    We Control Bees Into Walls/Roof/Air Vents

    Removing bees from places like chimneys and walls can be a challenging task. At times, bee stings are very dangerous and painful too when removing them. It can be worse when you notice that bee infestation or swarms into or around the walls, roof, and air vents.

    711 Pest Control in Adelaide is offering top-class work in bee control for all such risky situations. Our company has a high level of dedication towards its customers. So, don’t get yourself or your close ones to suffer by removing bee hives or nests. Leave the work to our highly trained team of local bee controllers. We offer budget-friendly services for even complex Adelaide bee extermination needs.

    There is Too Much Risk in Removing Bees, Don’t Try To Remove Them

    It is very necessary to take care of yourself while removing bees from the property. You should be aware of the risks involved in this procedure. These risks include climbing at heights and attempting bee hive removal without the necessary safety and knowledge. To ensure safety and efficiency, it is recommended to seek professional help for bee removal in such cases. Our team of experts takes every precaution to minimize any potential damage to your property, your family, or bees during the bee removal process.

    We consider your safety first. So, we always offer the safe and best solution for bee removal Adelaide needs. In addition, our professionals possess the necessary qualifications and skills to handle bee removal tasks effectively. You can trust us to address this issue without compromising the structure of your property. By choosing a professional Adelaide bee nest removal team like us, you can have peace of mind knowing that we will handle the situation responsibly while delivering exceptional results.

    Pest Control For Bee Removal Adelaide Service

    Why Choose 711 Pest Control For Bee Removal Adelaide Service?

    It is very essential to hire a professional bee control service company. You have many options in Adelaide. Here are reasons for choosing us:

    • We provide an all-in-one stop for every problem occurring due to bees.
    • Our Bee Removal Adelaide experts dare to withstand any level of bee infestation.
    • Our bee removal experts have years of experience which is important to ensure your safety.
    • With 711 Pest Control booking availability irrespective of the hour 24 x 7, we are here to help you on all days of the week.
    • We use the most eco-friendly chemicals that are not harmful to the environment.
    • Our experts have eyes that do not miss any spots in terms of finding bee infestation sources.
    • Bees must be controlled by only top-class professionals. Hence, hiring us will provide you with the comfort you were looking for.
    • We have the licensed crew to take on any bee removal challenge you throw at us.
    • Our expert team will arrive at your premises at the given time.
    • You need not have to worry about the mess after the service.

    So what are you waiting for? Pick up your phone book now! Don’t wait for your property to be damaged any further.


    Blaine Anderson
    Blaine Anderson
    01 Jun 2023

    “My name is Jilla and I am a satisfied customer. When I had a pest issue on my premise, I contacted your organization, and in no time the team reached out. They targeted the pests and got rid of them quickly. This is something awesome and I am glad that I selected you.”


    Justin Welsh
    Justin Welsh
    05 Jun 2023

    “Your organisation provided me with the best service and I am glad that you helped me in such a great way. I know that this is something good. I also recommend your services to others who are in need of pest control solutions. This is really a great thing.”


    Darren Westall
    Darren Westall
    10 Jun 2023

    “Pest issues are truly problematic and when I realized that there are pests in my home, I could not believe and I got disgusted. But thankfully, I could find your service and you landed up to me in no time. This quick service was a boon for me and today there are no pests in my house.”

    What People Are Asking About Bees(FAQs)

    Well, bee swarm removal cost depends on various factors such as the type of bee and the extent of the infestation. But feel free to contact 711 Pest Control Adelaide as we provide services at pocket-friendly rates. Our bee exterminator customizes our treatment plan as per client’s needs and budgets. Here, the average bee removal cost is between $100 to $550. You will need to contact our team for more details!

    Bees buzzing around your premises is a disturbing element. To begin with, our pest exterminators first seal the opening or window area with the help of metal screening. Our experts caulk any gaps around your home so that they will not get any opportunity to come inside.

    Bees sting leads to excessive pain thus everyone wants to keep them away from their premises. If you notice bees around your property then you can use several ways that scare a bee away such as garlic spray, cinnamon, vinegar spray solution, citronella candles, and mothballs. Driving bees away with the smoke, and bitter almond oil is also safe. In case these solutions are not fruitful then contact our professional beekeeper!

    Bees are social insects and carry out an important role in nature. However, they can become dangerous pests when nesting in and around the home. We will do everything we can to transfer them safely. In some cases when transferring bees is impossible then our bee exterminators come up with unique formula mimicking a pheromone telling the bees to leave the area.

    You can prevent bees from coming back by removing the previous honeycomb from your premises, as pheromone scents left on the honeycomb can attract newcomers, and reducing outdoor clutter can also prevent bees from coming back to your property.

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