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Appoint Fleas Control Adelaide Services To Make Yourself Stress-Free And Your Environment Fleas-Free

711 Pest Control Adelaide is one of the most successful companies in the field of pest control service in Adelaide. It is our Fleas Control Adelaide teams’ mission to provide innovative solutions in the form of various services. At a local resident level, we have been helping our clients from Adelaide to eradicate fleas from their homes. In addition to this, we as fleas pest control Adelaide experts, treat all kinds of fleas problems with the eco-friendly products we have.

Did you find small pests on your carpets as well as rugs at your Adelaide home? Call us right this instant to avail our Adelaide flea control service that are at reasonable rates. Because we know why you would find fleas on both your rugs and carpets as they act as one of the flea sources. In fact, fleas thrive even in the shadiest and moist areas of a place. Hence, call us right today at 08 7184 4667 to help you get the fleas to flee away from your place!

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    Sign of Fleas Infestation

    • Pets scratching excessively: Fleas are known to irritate pets and cause them to scratch themselves more often than usual.
    • Small, reddish-brown insects: Fleas are small, usually less than 3mm in length, and are often reddish-brown in color. They can be found crawling on pets, carpets, and other surfaces.
    • Flea dirt: Flea dirt is a combination of flea feces and dried blood, and it looks like small black or dark brown specks. It can be found on your pet’s bedding or in the areas where your pet spends most of their time.
    • Bites on humans: Fleas can also bite humans, leaving behind itchy, red bumps on the skin. These bites are often found on the ankles and lower legs.
    • Seeing fleas jumping: Fleas are known for their ability to jump long distances, so if you see small, jumping insects around your home, it’s a good indication of a flea infestation.

    We Provide All Kinds Of Fleas Control Adelaide Services

    For the various kinds of fleas attacking both your homes and pets, we have various kinds of Adelaide flea control services like the following:-

    Bird Flea Removal Service

    Although you may not find fleas on many birds, there are some exceptions to it. Because many bird owners complain and have concerns when they start noticing that their pet is continuously scratching its body. In fact, you can find bird fleas on pets such as parrots, macaws, hook-bill birds and other conures. So, do get our pigeon removal Adelaide team to help your birds be safe from fleas attacks.

    Dog Flea Removal Service

    Every dog in 7 carries fleas without them having zero knowledge about it until the dogs feel itchiness. On top of this, the fleas that attack will potentially carry pathogenic germs like bacteria along with them. And this is when the germs on the dog fleas’ bodies may transmit to humans from the dogs. However, if you do not want to get spread bacterial diseases from your dog, you can avail our green and safe Adelaide flea control services.

    Cat Flea Removal Service

    Did you know a female cat flea can lay about 50 eggs in a single day? Yes, cat female fleas are capable of that. Moreover, they go on for many days without eating, that being cat blood, even for up to 2 weeks. So, this way your pet cat will be under constant threat of fleas infestation on theirs. In fact, presence of on their bodies, cats can develop allergies from the bites of fleas. Hence, call for our Fleas Control Adelaide experts’ aid right today.

    Pigeon Flea Removal Service

    In addition to ticks and other parasites, you may find fleas on your pigeons at your home. Unlike other fleas such as cat fleas, dog fleas, etc, pigeon fleas control some of the pigeon’s activity. Moreover, fleas control the infestations on pigeons through preening. But you have a great option of grabbing our fleas control services in Adelaide to get rid of pigeon fleas.

    Fleas Prevention Tips

    • Regularly vacuum your carpets, rugs, and upholstered furniture to remove fleas and their eggs.
    • Wash your pet’s bedding, toys, and other accessories in hot water at least once a week.
    • Bathe your pets regularly using flea shampoo or other flea treatments recommended by your veterinarian.
    • Keep your yard clean and tidy by regularly mowing the lawn and removing any debris or clutter.
    • Seal any cracks or gaps in doors, windows, and screens to prevent fleas from entering your home.
    • Use natural remedies such as diatomaceous earth, lemon spray, or essential oils like lavender and eucalyptus to repel fleas.
    • Hire a professional pest control service if you have a severe flea infestation that cannot be controlled with DIY methods.

    Our Permanent Flea Control Solution To All Your Flea Issues

    The process 711 Pest Control Adelaide follow to control fleas at your place is to interrupt the life cycle of fleas. One of our impactful processes is as follows:-

    • The common flies other than dog and cat fleas, you find at your place will be in rugs and carpets. Hence, we inspect them firsthand.
    • On finding what type of flea species on your carpets and rugs, we will tailor a flea removal method accordingly.
    • After tailoring a method, we will make sure to take out all the necessary equipment and machinery that comes into use.
    • Then, we use non-toxic solutions and tools to get rid of flies we find at your place. Note- we will also help you by giving preventive tips for the future.

    Why Choose Us?

    We know what benefits any client of ours will expect from our side. Hence, we will list out the benefits we believe will satisfy our clients.


    We are a firm that is honest and trustworthy when it comes to helping our clients with Fleas Control Adelaide services. Also, we take it as our responsibility to give all the good you can get from our services.

    Turn Up On Time

    We are committed to always turning up on time for completing our work on time and giving the best outcomes. Because this way you can get down to business as soon as possible.

    Environmentally Friendly Solutions

    To ensure the safety of both your family and pets, our best flea control Adelaide team uses environmentally friendly solutions for all the flea control treatments. Our solutions also improve your indoor air quality!

    Charge Low Prices

    Last but not the least, we charge you the low prices for Adelaide flea control service across the area you stay. So, choose us when looking for help in Adelaide for flea control.

    For All Areas Of Adelaide, We Are Your Providers For Fleas Control Service

    We can help you by providing Fleas Control Adelaide service and eliminating fleas along with their source of entry into your place. In fact, our work of providing Adelaide flea control service is highly rated for its effectiveness and best results. We also serve Adelaide’s nearest area:- Castambul, Christies Beach, Barossa Goldfields, Glenelg, Prospect, North Brighton, Henley Beach, Salisbury, Kensington, Bowden, Wayville, Kent Town, Windsor Gardens, Semaphore, Walkerville and many more areas. Call us if you need a quick flea control service anywhere in Adelaide.

    Your Providers For Fleas Control Service


    Blaine Anderson
    Blaine Anderson
    01 Jun 2023

    “My name is Jilla and I am a satisfied customer. When I had a pest issue on my premise, I contacted your organization, and in no time the team reached out. They targeted the pests and got rid of them quickly. This is something awesome and I am glad that I selected you.”


    Justin Welsh
    Justin Welsh
    05 Jun 2023

    “Your organisation provided me with the best service and I am glad that you helped me in such a great way. I know that this is something good. I also recommend your services to others who are in need of pest control solutions. This is really a great thing.”


    Darren Westall
    Darren Westall
    10 Jun 2023

    “Pest issues are truly problematic and when I realized that there are pests in my home, I could not believe and I got disgusted. But thankfully, I could find your service and you landed up to me in no time. This quick service was a boon for me and today there are no pests in my house.”

    What People Are Asking About Fleas(FAQ’s)

    Fortunately, there are numerous DIYs for getting rid of fleas such as daily vacuuming, washing bedding in hot water, and steam cleaning carpets and furniture as steam penetrates fabric and upholstery and destroys eggs.

    Areas where fleas usually breed should be thoroughly cleaned. This entails cleaning carpeted areas, floors, and along the borders of walls, as well as washing bedding, rugs, and pet bedding. There must be proper pet care in the home. However, if you are looking for the Best Flea Control, 711 Pest Control Adelaide is close to helping your family and pets stay more secure. With an incredible encounter over numerous years, our Flea Control Adelaide Treatment service team can help you eliminate fleas.

    We operate for Adelaide residential at effective costs. We will ensure you provide high-class services at pocket-friendly rates that do not affect your pocket. Flea extermination costs between $75 and $400, with an average cost of $270. In addition, we provide follow-up treatment for guaranteed results!

    Salt is an excellent natural flea home cure to destroy them fast, similar to baking soda. Adult fleas can be eliminated as salt acts as a dehydrating agent. Diatoms, an algae fossil, are what make up diatomaceous earth. It is a fantastic flea cure that is non-toxic to humans. When using diatomaceous earth to treat fleas, it is recommended that you use gloves and a face mask.

    Yes, with our skilled exterminators, you can get rid of fleas. Our contribution to comfortable stinging insect-free housing enabled us to earn an honour A+ rating in Adelaide. We provide reliable flea control services that you can trust.

    Adelaide, SA 5000, Australia

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