After the service, our expert will advise you to stay away from your property for at least 2-3 hours. For more details, you can call us on the helpline number.

According to our experience, we usually recommend having a pest inspection and control service after every two or three months. As a result, a pest-free environment promotes a healthy way of life.

Yes, fulfilling the needs of customers is our duty. Hence, we covered the entire area of Adelaide and its nearby. Moreover, the benefits of appointing us are satisfactory outcomes, low-price pest control treatments, and 24*7 availability.

Pest control cost depends upon numerous factors like which pest is to be eliminated, magnitude of infestation, size of the property, location, which pest control firm is hired, and all. The exact cost comes out once the respective companies do pest Pest Control Adelaide inspection.

Once the lease is signed the tenant becomes wholly solely responsible for keeping the building intact and pest control covers under the agreement. Still go through your bond carefully for all the terms and conditions before you proceed with big investments. As per the contract, if the tenant is liable for the destruction caused by pest infestation then yes you have to pay for pest control.

It totally depends on the amount of infestation and the starting or entry point of the bugs. Sometimes your surroundings are responsible for the entry of various bugs like fleas, bed bugs, weevils, mites, bees etc. then one is recommended to clean the surroundings and have fumigation there for a better environment around.

Keeping the kitchen clean from leftovers and spills and litter is the first step. Secondly borax turned out to be effective against these pesky bugs. Check DIYs for borax-based treatments against roaches online. Still, if you suffer from the encroachment by roaches in your territory then contact our Pest Control Adelaide professionals for gel baits and insecticide treatments.

Termites are the most undesirable porky pests in the house and sadly they have a tendency to return after treatment. Therefore it is always recommended to get termite treatment from a renowned pest controller like us as we retreat the termites.