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The one and best way to truly get rid of cockroaches is to hire a professional team of experts to do the job. 711 Pest Control Adelaide gets your property cockroach-free with our perfect cockroach control Adelaide team of experts. We take bookings irrespective of the time on all days of the week. We use eco-friendly chemicals to ensure your safety as well as your pet’s safety. Dial our toll-free number now and save yourself from the headache of cockroach infestation removal.

Find Here Solutions For All Cockroaches

You might think that cockroaches are not harmful, but they are! They can harm in various ways. We have solutions for all cockroaches. Just you need to call and let us know your problems.

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    German Cockroach Removal

    This is considered to be the worst species of cockroach. It gets hard to remove these German cockroaches from the house because of the rate at which they multiply and their uncontrollable spread. Therefore, exterminating these cockroaches is quite necessary. With our services, you can get rid of the infestation and can protect your house from damage.

    Oriental Cockroach Removal

    They are commonly known as “water bugs”. This species of cockroaches can spread diseases. It is important to consider the extermination of these cockroaches. Hence, by availing of this service, you can get rid of the harmful cockroach species.

    American Cockroach Removal

    These are the largest species of common cockroach. Their presence might feel like a personal attack, though they are not maliciously targeting you. Their invasion can be very dangerous as they carry a lot of parasites, viruses, and bacteria. Also, their feces can cause various health issues such as dysentery, diarrhea, etc. Our Cockroach Control Adelaide experts can help you in the prevention of their invasion.

    Dubia Cockroach Removal

    This is a tropical species of cockroach that makes it hard for them to thrive and grow in colder climate regions. For them to breed humidity and higher temperatures are necessary. Experts say that they have the potential to develop allergic symptoms. Therefore, it is important to hire professionals in order to handle Dubia roach. Our Cockroach Extermination Adelaide experts will aid you in getting rid of these.

    In order to avail of our services, you have to book an appointment in advance. We also help you in getting a free quote for the services that you would require. Our team will be at your doorsteps after that. After a thorough inspection, our team will tell you the details regarding the treatment they do.

    Signs of Cockroach Infestation

    Cockroach infestations can be identified through various signs, including a foul odour, droppings, shed skin, and sightings of live cockroaches in areas such as kitchens and bathrooms. Pay attention to the following signs:

    • The unpleasant musty smell is usually strong in enclosed areas or near a cockroach nest.
    • Sightings of live cockroaches during the day. Cockroaches are nocturnal, so seeing them out in the open during the day is a sign of a significant infestation.
    • Cockroach droppings, which are small, dark brown or black specks that resemble ground coffee or black pepper. You may find these droppings in areas where cockroaches are commonly found, such as the kitchen, bathroom, or behind appliances.
    • Egg casings, which are small, oval-shaped capsules that are a sign that a female cockroach has been nesting nearby.
    • Damage to household items, such as books, clothing, or wallpaper. Cockroaches are known to eat paper and fabric, so if you notice damage to these items, it could be a sign of an infestation.
    • Smear marks, which are brownish-black marks left by cockroaches as they move around your home. You may find these marks on walls, floors, or other surfaces.
    • Unusual sounds, such as a rustling or hissing noise. Cockroaches are not typically noisy insects, but if you hear these sounds, it could be a sign of a significant infestation.
    Signs of Cockroach Infestation

    Find Us Available In Your Emergency For Controlling Cockroaches Anyday

    We are here to help you in getting rid of the cockroach infestation that is creating an emergency. Our Cockroach Control Adelaide team can help you in exterminating cockroaches safely and easily. Get in contact with 711 Pest Control Adelaide, and let us find an effective solution to your problem.

    How 711 Cockroach Control Approach Works?

    Our Cockroach Control Adelaide experts have been in the business for a long time. Hence, we know what is best for you and will help you in getting rid of the infestation. Our clients rely on us for all types of roach extermination services. Our process of roach extermination includes:

    • Cleaning and decluttering of the affected region. It exposes hidden roaches.
    • The sprinkling of boric acid to the affected regions is the best cockroach killer.
    • We also set cockroach traps and baits in order to keep their infestation at bay.
    • Spraying pesticides also helps in getting rid of the infestation.
    • Sprinkle cockroach control dust into any crevices or gaps found in the infested areas.
    • Create treated zones along the building’s perimeters, using an insecticide specifically formulated for cockroach control.
    • Place cockroach control gel baits in areas where cockroaches are known to frequent for feeding.
    • Use an aerosol-flushing insecticide to target and eliminate cockroach-hiding spots.

    Why 711 Is Unique And Adelaide’s Best Cockroach Control Company

    711 Pest Control Adelaide, as a team, works tirelessly, to provide the best services to its clients. We are famous for our professional pest removal services. Our salient features making us Adelaide’s Best Cockroach Control Company include:

    • All the services that we provide are affordable and budget-friendly.
    • We provide same-day and emergency services.
    • The products that we use for the process of extermination are organic, toxic-free, and eco-friendly.
    • Booking is hassle-free.
    • Our team will make sure that the problem is completely solved and that the customers are satisfied with our services.
    • We provide a wide variety of services, hence, people reach out to us in case they want to deal with any cockroach infestation.
    • Special treatment for business areas affected by roaches
    • Full safety warranty and targeted approach

    Advice From Pros: Cockroach Prevention Tips

    Implementing cockroach prevention tips can significantly reduce the chances of an infestation in your home or business. Pay attention to the followings:

    • Keep your kitchen clean and free of food debris.
    • Seal up any cracks or gaps in walls, floors, and windows to prevent entry.
    • Store food in sealed containers.
    • Take out the trash regularly and keep outdoor trash cans sealed.
    • Use boric acid or other insecticides in cracks and crevices.
    • Fix any leaky pipes or faucets to eliminate water sources.
    • Avoid leaving dirty dishes in the sink overnight, and clean up any spills or crumbs immediately.
    • Keep your home clean and clutter-free, especially in areas like the kitchen and bathroom where cockroaches are most commonly found.
    • Use cockroach baits, traps, or insecticides as a last resort, and follow the instructions carefully to ensure safe and effective use.
    • Another thing to consider is checking dark damp places that provide good hiding and breeding spots to roaches.
    • Sometimes peppermint oil can work well. Mix peppermint oil with water and spray on the kitchen and bathroom floor surfaces.
    Cockroach Prevention Tips


    Blaine Anderson
    Blaine Anderson
    01 Jun 2023

    “My name is Jilla and I am a satisfied customer. When I had a pest issue on my premise, I contacted your organization, and in no time the team reached out. They targeted the pests and got rid of them quickly. This is something awesome and I am glad that I selected you.”


    Justin Welsh
    Justin Welsh
    05 Jun 2023

    “Your organisation provided me with the best service and I am glad that you helped me in such a great way. I know that this is something good. I also recommend your services to others who are in need of pest control solutions. This is really a great thing.”


    Darren Westall
    Darren Westall
    10 Jun 2023

    “Pest issues are truly problematic and when I realized that there are pests in my home, I could not believe and I got disgusted. But thankfully, I could find your service and you landed up to me in no time. This quick service was a boon for me and today there are no pests in my house.”

    What People Are Asking (FAQs)

    Cockroaches are the most unsightly pests and can contaminate the surfaces upon which they move and the food with which they come into contact. Droppings on floors, inside the pantry, egg cases in the corners of shelves or underneath and behind kitchen appliances or the washer and dryer, odor, shedden skin, and live or dead cockroaches are some common signs of infestation.

    To prevent an infestation at your premises conduct thorough general sanitation practices on a regular basis, clean up product spills promptly, repair leaky pipes and hoses, clean drains and drain openings regularly and use covers designed to trap debris flowing into them, fix screens and close windows without screens and use air doors to help stop cockroach activity.

    German cockroaches will die if the surroundings get too hot or too cold. German cockroaches die within 10 hours when exposed to a temperature below 45 degrees Fahrenheit- 45°F = 7.22 °C. They will die within an hour if exposed to a temperature below 14 degrees Fahrenheit. Furthermore, they can not tolerate much heat. Very few German cockroaches survived at the temperature of 50 degrees Celsius.

    The experts at 711 Pest Control Adelaide do a thorough inspection to identify all possible sites of infestation. Then our experts use the latest ways to get rid of them including chemical treatments that are safe for your pets and kids, and bait placement. After that, we advise you to follow all preventive and exclusive practices to protect against future infestation

    Roaches will infest areas that offer them ample food, water, and shelter thus your home is the perfect place for their infestation. Well, there are several home remedies to get rid of roaches like boric acids, citrus, essential oils, borax, and diatomaceous earth. Severe infestations will likely require the help of an expert in that case you can contact our team, we offer professional cockroach control services such as glue traps, and bait stations, liquid roach deterrent concentrates for excellent results!

    Roaches are returned to the same spot as they hide during the treatment at places such as pipes and piles or clutter. So you must treat the surrounding of the affected areas as well.

    German cockroaches are tan and brown and they have wings but they can not fly. Since they are smaller thus easily hide at your premises. In addition, they are the fastest species to reproduce. It depends on the size of the infestation and how much is time needed to remove German roaches entirely generally it takes one to two weeks, but more significant infestations may take up to eight weeks.

    Adelaide, SA 5000, Australia

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