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Professional Ant Control Adelaide Team for an Ant Free Environment

Our Ant Control Adelaide experts offer the best expertise in ant control which are specific and targeted to the species of infestation. We provide a quick and perfectly safe, eco-friendly solution to all your ant problems! Dial our (08) 7184 4667 today and get the ants in Control! With 711 booking all weekdays. 

Signs of Ant infestation at your home

If you see ants around or in your house here and there. Well, for some time you would not be even bothered. But, there can be a  bigger Aat nest hidden somewhere. Here are some infestation signs and how to detect them for ant control.

  • Live ants – don’t ignore the large gathering of ants in your kitchen or your household. If you see them, act quickly! 
  • Ant trails-  pathways from in and out of your home is another common sign of ant infestation. This trail leads to a bigger ant nest. Which can cause a bigger problem! 
  • Ant nest – a small pile of soil can surely be an ant nest. And that is definitely an ant infestation.

Your Local And Professional Ant Control Service Team In Adelaide

No need to worry about your ant infestation, when pest control experts like us are available near you in Adelaide. 711 Pest Control Adelaide has been offering ant pest control in Adelaide for years and we are second to none in this business in any aspect. Our Ant Control Adelaide experts will come to your place, inspect ant infestation and offer a reliable solution.

We know ants can add to your irritation, infect edible things and food ingredients in the house and many other problems. So you should never ignore the signs of ant infestation on your property. Call us now and get rid of the ant’s problem on the same day of your booking.

Our Services:-

Types Of Ants In Adelaide And Our Professional Services For Their Eradication

Ant control is necessary because ants generally live in groups. We exterminate ants species that are easily seen in the houses. A large number of live ants in your kitchen, pantries and eateries are unpleasant.

  • Odorous House Ants Removal Service: These ants are attracted to food, garbage and sweet products. Our experts provide services for Odorous House Ants Removal. We are using modern techniques and equipment to control odorous ants in your house. 
  • Pharaoh Ants Removal Service: Our experts are fully trained and skilled to protect your premises from Pharaoh ants at any level of infestation. Keeping pharaoh ants away at your residential and commercial premises is an ongoing and continuous process. Our Ant Control Adelaide experts will assess the situation and accordingly use the treatment needed. 
  • Carpenter Ants Removal Service: Our experts will investigate the root cause of infestation and prepare a plan for permanent treatment. Chemical combinations and ants bait are part of our carpenter ants removal strategy. It’s a very difficult task to locate carpenter ants but our experts can locate and eliminate the colonies by their skills and years of experience.
  • Pavement Ants Removal Service: Pavement ants can sting but they avoid confrontation. They are not aggressive, they are docile. Pavement ant control is necessary to protect your building from invasion because they can build large colonies in a short time. Our Ant Control Adelaide experts will kill the ants and clean the infestation area and protect your pavements.

Ant Control Process We Follow To Offer Permanent and Long-lasting Solutions

Ants can build their colonies easily. Ant attacks are generally not dangerous but it does not mean you can live with ants. Our experts help you to keep safe from ants attacks. Here is what we do for permanent and long-lasting Ant Control Solutions:

  • Ant inspection: A qualified team will inspect the infected place and analyse the situation. Accordingly, a team of experts is deployed for ant control with relevant equipment and pesticides.
  • Ant treatment: Our trained and skilled technicians use modern techniques for ant pest control. We also have non-toxic chemicals for the ant treatment. We will destroy the entire colony of ants on your property.    
  • Documentation and follow up: After the completion of the ant extermination procedure, our team gives the required papers as proof. Our Ant Control Adelaide team will also follow up on the premises after some days of the service.

What Makes Us The Best Professional Adelaide Ant Control Service Provider?

  • Teamwork: We have a dedicated, polite and professional team to help you and communicate your queries quickly. Our quick response team will reach you in case of any ant control emergency.
  • Eco-friendly Service: We also have natural sprays and non-toxic chemical products for pest control. 
  • Cost-Effective: We are available round the clock but our service costs are very low in the industry. We have been offering economical and pocket-friendly services.
  • Well Trained: We have ample experience to work in any situation created by ants. Our experts are well trained and skilled for controlling any type of ants attack whether it is in your residential or commercial premises.
  • Safe and Secure: We must follow all safety parameters. We keep your pets and children safe during ant pest control.
  • Service Assurance: Our Ant Control Adelaide quality standards are proven by the customer’s feedback and market reviews. We believe in customer satisfaction.

We Are Available For Ant and Other Pest Control Adelaide-Wide

Ants in large numbers are disastrous. Do not let yourself suffer this, as you can call 711 Pest Control Adelaide anytime for ant control and other pest control services in Adelaide and its suburbs. We also serve Adelaide’s nearest area:- CromerHackneyLyndoch, and many more areas. We are just a call away. To hire our experts for Adelaide ant control service, you can call us now.

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